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Smart Traffic Signs Are the Next Step in Car Accident Prevention

Traffic  signs that can monitor motorist behavior and display messages that are tailored to target such behaviors may be the next step forward as federal and state officials consider innovative ways of reducing the number of car accidents in their jurisdictions.

Across the country, some jurisdictions are experimenting with pilot programs using smart sign boards that display targeted messages to motorists.  These   smart signs are designed to  capture dangerous driving behaviors like failure to wear seat belts or use of cell phones while driving.  If  the technology spots a motorist driving without wearing a seat belt or using a cell phone while driving, it immediately flashes a warning message to the motorist.  For example, a distracted driver may see a “Phone Down” message on a sign board as he is approaching. Similar messages will be posted when the system finds motorists driving  at  excessive speeds. Motorists who are driving responsibly may be rewarded with a smiley face flashing from the traffic sign.

The  signs are operated by infrared and microwave technology, and are not designed to punish or cite violators.  However,  they can warn motorists if they are engaged in behavior that increases their risks  of being involved in a car accident.  The  technology is very interesting, and traffic safety experts will be eagerly awaiting the results of the pilot program that is currently running in at least two major American cities.

The manufacturers of these smart signs are extremely optimistic about the effects of such signs on motorists behavior.  They  believe, for instance, that keeping the sign at a single spot for a month continuously can reduce the chances of distracted driving by as much as 40%.  Those  are extremely promising  potential outcomes,  and there’s no denying that even a single driver who is encouraged to put his phone down while driving as a result of seeing a message on a smart sign,  can mean progress in the right direction.

The  advantages of these smart signs in their ability to target distracted drivers is of special interest because of the limited progress that has been made in helping reduce the number of car accidents caused by distracted drivers on our streets. Keeping distracted drivers off  our roads is a major challenge  for Georgia transportation safety authorities, and while education and awareness programs as well as enforcement campaigns have their place,  these  efforts    could benefit from a boost of  innovation. More innovative efforts  are   definitely the need of the hour since distracted  driving rates are actually increasing.  A   recent report by Cambridge Mobile Telematics finds that the rates of cell phone use behind the wheel have actually increased since the pandemic.

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