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Sandy Springs Man Involved in Fatal Truck Accident Arrested

A truck driver from Texas, believed to have been involved in a fatal tractor-trailer accident that killed a woman from Sandy Springs two weeks ago, has now been arrested.The driver, Joseph Leon Golden drove his truck into the emergency lane, where Rosario Velez had stopped her minivan to make a call.The truck crashed into Velez’s vehicle, leaving her seriously injured.She was rushed to the Grady Memorial Hospital and died a while later.Golden has now been arrested and charged with second-degree vehicular homicide and a lane violation.Sandy Springs police have been investigating the accident.

The catastrophic damage and loss of life and property that can result from truck accidents is why trucking companies and their drivers are held to such high standards of operations and safety.Traffic violations by any motorist can have serious consequences, but when it is the driver of a tractor-trailer guilty of such violations, the results can be horrific for those unfortunate enough to be at the receiving end.

Pursuing a truck accident claim in Georgia can be complicated and daunting. In any auto accident, you’re up against the driver of the other car and /or his insurance company.In a truck accident claim, you’re up against not just the driver, but also the trucking company, the insurers, their legal team, and other experts.The entire process of filing a claim can leave an Atlanta resident intimidated and frustrated.

It’s important to remember that it might be the first time that you have been involved in a truck accident, or even any accident.However, for the trucking company, dealing with injured victims of accidents involving their vehicles, is part of their daily work.These companies have much more experience dealing with truck accident victims like you, than you have dealing with a large company or their experienced attorneys.That’s the reason why you need an experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney on your side.

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