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Parents Most Influential in Preventing Teen Drunk Driving

Last month, the New York Times had a comparison on various programs aimed at a minimizing harmful alcohol-related behaviors, like drunk driving. The comparison didn’t have much great news for Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyers. The review found that most programs that aim to educate people about the dangers of drunk driving and other alcohol excesses, either fail to show the desired results, or only show desired results in the short haul.

Just about everybody agrees that many people, who indulge in dangerous alcohol excesses in adulthood, begin such behaviors in their teenage years. That’s why it’s so important to educate teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving. Teenagers or underage drinkers are much more likely to go on drinking binges and other behaviors that dramatically increase their risks of being involved in a crash. In schools, according to the New York Times review, DUI education programs have seen limited success. The problem seems to be that teenagers do learn the dangers of drunk driving through these programs, but are less likely to retain such information over the years.

This is where parents come in. Sobriety education from parents, according to the review, has a much higher chance of success. However, for parental influence in such matters to be high, it’s important that parents make safety a common theme of discussion at home. In other words, it may not impact a teenager much if you sit him or her down for a warm heart-to-heart only when there’s been a fatal drunk driving accident in your Atlanta neighborhood. Your interaction with your teenager about the consequences of drunk driving needs to be constant, continuous and consistent. It’s not enough to merely talk to teenagers about drunk driving. It’s also important for you to walk the talk. In other words, there must be no irresponsible driving behaviors of your own.

Apart from parental influence and interventions by doctors, there don’t seem to be any other programs or measures that can seriously reduce alcohol excesses.

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