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Road Restrictions on E -Scooters Place Riders at Risk of Pedestrian Accidents

Many  cities including the metro Atlanta region have seen a boom in the number of e – scooter riders, but limits on the operations of these vehicles mean that many of these riders choose to ride on sidewalks, increasing their risks of being involved in pedestrian accidents.

Around the country, there  has been an increase in the number of e – scooter  riders, and cities have welcomed the expansion of this community because that reduces the stress on motor vehicle traffic, especially in congested cities like Atlanta.  However, many cities have restricted the roads that these vehicles can be operated on.  This means riders often choose to ride on sidewalks, placing them in direct conflict with pedestrians,  and increasing their chances  of being involved in pedestrian accidents.  In fact, according to a new study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there has been an increase in the number of e – scooter  personal injuries and accidents  involving pedestrians.

In most cities, the laws allow persons to ride e- scooters on roads where the speed limit is 35 miles per hour or less.  That  restricts the operation of ride vehicles to bike lanes and bike paths.  In areas where it is not possible to ride on bike lanes, e – scooter riders prefer to ride on sidewalks.  This  may be safe for the scooter rider, but involves  increased risks for pedestrians, especially when the e-scooter is being operated at high speeds.  Most riders do tend  to lower their speeds when they are riding on sidewalks as compared to riding in a bicycle lane.  Even  so, the  potential   risk  of personal injuries to pedestrians is very real.  Some  cities have placed greater speed restrictions on privately operated scooters that are being operated  on sidewalks in order to reduce the risk of personal injuries to pedestrians in accidents  with the scooters. Other cities are even considering a complete ban on e – scooters on sidewalks.

In Atlanta, you are allowed to ride an e – scooter provided you are above the age of 15. Teens below the age of 16 riding an e – scooter are required to wear a helmet while riding.  Helmets  must meet standards set by the Georgia Department of Transportation. Atlanta, however, does not allow e – scooter riders to ride on sidewalks.  You may only ride on bicycle lanes, bicycle paths or any roads where the speed limit is below 35 miles per hour.

E – scooter riders must be responsible and ride only where they are legally permitted to do so.  Having  passengers on your e – scooter, for instance, is  a major accident and personal injury risk.  You should avoid taking such a risk.  An e – scooter is a vehicle  like any other, and riders  must follow all  traffic rules and regulations.  Riding  beyond the speed limit,  failure to obey traffic lights, failure to yield at intersections and  failure to look out for pedestrians –  all of these can increase the risks of an accident that can injure pedestrians.

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