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Report Predicts Motor Vehicles will Remain Main Source of Auto Accidents in Future Rather than bicycles and pedestrians

A new report commissioned by the National Safety Council has a number of auto safety predictions for the next couple of decades,  including the prediction that even with new technology, cars and trucks will continue to remain the biggest source of auto accidents for the foreseeable future.

In 2021, the National Safety Council commissioned a report on transportation and auto safety for the next 20 years.  The report titled Mobility, Technology and Safety:  The Next 20 Years has now been released.  The report has a total of 10 predictions, all related to auto and motor vehicle safety.

The number one prediction on the list is that in spite of moves towards reducing the number of automobiles on our roads and increasing access to alternate modes of transportation, motor vehicles, including cars and trucks will continue to remain the primary source of auto accidents over the next few decades. These vehicles are involved in an overwhelming majority of the total number of motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents every year.

The report makes a special mention of the increasing popularity of larger-sized vehicles like SUVs and large pickups.  Heavy, bulky vehicles are a major threat to the occupants of smaller vehicles involved in these car accidents.   However, the trend towards these larger SUVs is not declining.  If anything, automakers are actually investing in designing even larger vehicles as the demand for these cars increases. The report is pushing for increased safety for vulnerable road users like pedestrians and bicyclists who may be at risk of being seriously injured in auto accidents with these large vehicles.

The report also does not believe that fully autonomous cars will be widespread on our roads over the next couple of decades, but predicts that advanced driver assistance systems will become more popular. Of  special note is the popularity of pedestrian detection systems which might go a long way in helping reduce the number of pedestrians being killed in car accidents every year.  As more vehicles come equipped with these technologies, we might expect some improvement in boosting pedestrian safety.

The report also makes note of moves by many cities, especially in Europe, to cut down on delivery van services.  In a situation like this, there may be an increase in the number of sidewalk robots and other technologies that could hinder the movement of pedestrians.  The report calls on planners to take into consideration the rights and safety of pedestrians and other vulnerable road users before making any kind of changes to their transportation laws.

In particular, the report is calling on city planners to make note of the mistakes that were made in the past when high speeds of automobiles were prioritized over the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists, leading to the kind of staggering increases in these car accidents that we are now seeing in 2022.

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