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Pedestrian Child Critically Injured in McDuffie County Bus Accident involving Truck

Georgia State Patrol investigators are investigating a pedestrian accident involving a third-grade boy, who was critically injured in an accident as he was getting into his school bus. The pedestrian accident occurred last Tuesday.As the school bus pulled over, the boy who was waiting at the stop, walked into the road to get on the bus.At that point, he was struck by a pickup truck. The boy was thrown about 50 feet away from the point of impact.He sustained critical injuries, and is being treated at a local hospital.

The driver of the school bus says that he had stopped the bus, and a stop sign was clearly visible at the time of the accident.However, the driver of the pickup truck insists that the bus had not stopped moving when the accident occurred, and the stop sign was not out when his vehicle hit the boy.Neighbors in the area have their own explanation for the accident.They say there’s a serious problem with speeding motorists on that stretch of road.

This accident came during the same week as another crash involving a school bus in Barrow County.In that accident, several students were injured when their bus was rear-ended by a Jeep.None of the students were seriously injured.

Just before classes commenced after the summer vacation, the Atlanta car accident lawyers at our firm had blogged about the need for greater care and caution, now that more numbers of school buses and children could be expected on the road.It seems that our concerns were definitely warranted.We have already had several accidents involving school buses since the fall season began.Earlier this month, a bus accident in Carroll County, killed one student.A few days after that fatal accident, there was another nonfatal accident involving a school bus and a pickup truck.

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