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Five Persons Injured in Georgia School Bus Accident

In the most recent in a string of serious school bus accidents in Georgia, five people have been injured in an accident involving a stopped school bus in Barrow County. The accident occurred on Wednesday. There were 14 students on the bus when the accident occurred.According to witnesses, the bus had its warning lights activated, and was unloading passengers when it was rear-ended by a Jeep.The driver of the Jeep suffered serious injuries, and was rushed to the hospital.Three students on the bus also suffered injuries, and had to taken to the Barrow Regional Medical Center.The students had been standing up at the time of the accident, waiting for their turn to exit the bus.The children reportedly sustained bumps and bruises.The driver also sustained injuries.

According to news reports, the school bus had had its warning lights activated.Moreover, the accident occurred during daylight.Investigators will likely be looking at the reason why the pickup truck driver was unable to stop before he rear-ended the school bus.

Georgia School Bus Accident Claims

Although this accident appears to have been caused by the rear-ending driver, in general, there may be a number of parties that can be named in a lawsuit arising out of a Georgia school bus accident.The school bus driver and the school district can be named in a claim.However, there may be other external parties that may also be liable.For instance, in an accident caused by a motorist or a commercial vehicle driver, the other driver can be named in a claim.In case of commercial buses, you can have charter companies, tour bus companies, and owners and operators of buses who can be named in a bus accident claim.Companies involved in the maintenance and repairs of the bus, as well as bus manufacturers can be named if the accident is traced to defective or malfunctioning components.

Failure to include every responsible party in your claim or lawsuit can mean a diminished recovery for injuries caused by an accident, which is why you must consult with an experienced Atlanta bus accident lawyer to help you prepare a claim.

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