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New Trucking Companies to Meet Safety Rules

Just in time for Christmas comes a new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rule that increases pressure on new truck and bus companies to meet safety rules, thereby reducing their risk of accidents.The rule went into effect in February this year, but requirement to comply began on the 16th of December.

According to the new rule, newly registered truck and bus companies will have to comply strictly with the agency’s 16 regulations. These regulations cover driver qualifications, testing for alcohol or substance abuse, repair of truck defects listed by the driver, failure to periodically inspect these vehicles and other safety aspects.If a new bus or truck company violates even one of these 16 regulations, then it stands to fail its safety audit. Also, if roadside bus and truck inspections find additional violations, then the new company may be subjected to an expedited safety audit, and may be fined or even placed out of service.

The FMCSA has also improved the quality of its educational and technical assistance materials, so that these new companies can keep themselves informed about motor carrier safety standards that apply to them, and make sure that they are in compliance with these. The agency believes that the new rule will enhance its ability to identify unsafe motor carriers, and crack down on these companies.

As Atlanta truck accident lawyers, we welcome the FMCSA’s stricter policies on new truck and bus companies. The new rule will be able to identify potentially problem carriers right at the start, and ensure that these carriers do not receive permanent registration until they correct all deficiencies, and are in full compliance.

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