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Preventing Holiday Accidents in Atlanta this Season

Accident prevention and safety has been on the minds of Atlanta auto accident lawyers this season. Weather conditions are bound to get harsher, and motorists are also going to have to deal with millions of holiday travelers in a week’s time. The combination of bad weather and heavy traffic can be deadly. That is why when a group of elite truck drivers who have completed millions of miles of driving without accidents, doles out expert safety advice, we are all ears.

The advice comes to us via the American Truck Associations’ Share the Road program, which has professional truck drivers teaching the public about driving safely around 18 wheelers. There is no doubt driving a massive tractor trailer rig that weighs tens of thousands of pounds, requires greater skill and experience than driving a sedan. That is why we would highly recommend these truck safety tips for holiday travelers this winter.

· Always be aware of vehicles in front of you, and keep a sufficient distance between the two vehicles.

· When driving around a truck, know that the trucker may be unable to see you if you fall in his bind spots. Look for the trucker’s reflection in his rear view mirror. If you can’t see the trucker, then he can’t see you either.

· Never cut in front of 18-wheelers. These large vehicles are much more difficult to bring to a stop in an emergency. Remember any failure of the truck can be disastrous for you.

· Make sure that you are prepared for travel in bad weather.Have an emergency kit that includes non perishable food, water, flashlights, flares, tire repair kits and other essentials, and keep this in your car at all times.

· Keep speeds down, and when you are driving during snowfall or a snowstorm, drop your speeds according to the weather conditions. Slamming on the brakes on slick streets in an emergency may cause your car to hydroplane, and lose control.

· Always wear seatbelts, and make sure that all occupants in your car are buckled up too.

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