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New Airport Security Procedures Could Mean Increase in Highway Accidents

Couldthe new enhanced airport security procedures adopted by the Transportation Security Administration unwittingly lead to an increase in highway accidents and fatalities this Thanksgiving holiday? It’s a question that two transportation economists have already addressed. According to them, there is very likely to be a spike in highway travel this year.

The main reason is likely to be the embarrassing patdown procedures, which have already received plenty of negative press as being intrusive and humiliating.In fact, an activist group is calling for “National Opt-Out Day” in protest against the procedures on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which is one of the busiest flight days.That could mean even more delays.

Airport security has become a painfully cumbersome procedure post 9/11, and many people, especially those with kids, only fly because it gives them a chance to reach their destination quicker. However, if flying now also comes with a long drawn-out and embarrassing patdown, with the prospect of more delays, many Americans would simply choose to drive to their destination instead.

An Atlanta car accident lawyers, we believe it’s quite likely that turned off flyers will choose to drive this Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, your risk of being killed or seriously injured is much greater when you’re driving on a highway, than when you’re flying. That’s the truth, and it’s something that Atlanta car accident lawyers would encourage Georgians to consider when they make travel plans.

The new airport security procedures may be embarrassing, and even intrusive. However, you are likely to be much safer on a plane, than on a highway with thousands of other holiday makers, impatient to get to their destination.

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