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Motorcyclist Killed in Cobb County Accident

Cobb County police are on the lookout for a pickup truck driver whom they believe was responsible for a fatal motorcycle accident this week. According to police, the 60-year-old victim was riding his motorcycle, when he was cut off by the driver of a Ford F-150 truck. In order to avoid the accident, the victim was forced to go over the curb and across the sidewalk. The motorcycle struck a pillar on the sidewalk, and the victim sustained serious injuries. He was taken to the hospital, but succumbed to his injuries later.

Cobb County Police are on the lookout for the driver of the pickup truck. They say it is either a gray or black colored truck.

Unfortunately, most motorcycle crashes that Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers come across seem to follow similar patterns. These accidents are caused not because motorcycles were speeding or driving rashly, but because the motorcyclists were not yielded to or were cutoff.

As the 2010 holiday travel season kicks off with the Thanksgiving weekend, motorcyclists are likely to find more numbers of drivers in a hurry to reach their destination, and willing to cut them off.If you plan to ride over the Thanksgiving holiday, take some precautions to ensure your safety.

· Try and plan an alternate route that doesn’t have as much traffic. A longer route is preferable to one that will be crammed with impatient motorists.

· Make sure you’re dressed for safe motorcycling, and wear a DO-approved helmet.

· Dress in bright colors to be visible to motorists.Remember, a driver is more likely to avoid you if he can see you.

· Keep speeds down.

· Avoid lane sharing. It is a frequent factor in accidents.

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