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Multi-Million Dollar GOHS Grant will Help Keep Young Drivers, Children Safer in Georgia

Georgia highway safety efforts will benefit from a multi-million dollar grant by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. The grant will provide more than 2 million dollars in funding to the Georgia Department of Public Safety and Augusta University, and is meant to spent exclusively on highway safety.

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, the money will be used to enhance the agency’s data analysis processes, provide technical assistance to agencies across the state and enhance support for motor vehicle safety programs.  The grant to Augusta University will be used specifically to encourage motor vehicle safety in young motorists. Augusta University will receive more than $16,000 in aid to the Georgia Young Adult Program.

The Georgia Department of Public Safety is taking the safety of child passengers very seriously, and plans to use much of the funding to develop programs that help keep child passengers safe in accidents. More than a million dollars, for instance, is going towards the expansion of child car safety seat use across the state. The money will go to the Injury Protection Program’s Child Occupant Safety Program, and the goal is to enhance the use of child car safety seats across the state by providing child safety seats. The program will also use the funds to increase education across the state about the need to keep children restrained in child car safety seats that are appropriate for their age and weight. The program will also invest the funding in the expansion of training programs not just for healthcare professionals and child care providers, but also emergency personnel and firefighters.

More than $200,000 is being marked for the Injury Protection Program’s Crash Outcome Data Evaluation System. The funding will be used to enhance data about injuries and crashes that is available to health care providers.

What Georgia safety authorities will find even more comforting is the more than $170,000 in funding that is being earmarked for mature driver safety programs. The funds will go to the Injury Protection Program’s 55 + Safety Program, and the money will be utilized to enhance education initiatives that are aimed at making senior drives more aware about the hazards that they may face while driving as they age.

Many of these programs, especially the ones targeting child passengers, young drivers as well as senior motorists will go a long way in helping keep these vulnerable populations safer when they are on the road.

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