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How to Avoid Accidents Caused by Stressed driving

It’s no secret that stress levels have skyrocketed in people over the last couple of years, and one of the effects of this increase can be seen in the spike in the number of car accidents across Georgia last year, many of which have resulted in serious injuries.

The unusual circumstances of the pandemic have only exacerbated pre-existing stress and anxiety levels of Atlanta motorists. In addition to the stress caused by work, family, or children, motorists now find themselves having to deal with uncertain prospects and a sluggish economy. All of these factors can contribute to reducing a driver’s ability to drive safely.  Driving can be a stressful affair, especially if you are driving at night or on busy routes. Driving on unfamiliar roads can also increase stress levels. All of these factors are compounded in drivers who are already dealing with other forms of anxiety, causing them to become irritable, anxious and unable to focus on the task of driving.

Here are some ways that you can reduce stress while driving. While these tips may not help to alleviate stress caused by work or external factors, they can help you maintain optimum concentration levels at the wheel.

Plan your route in advance. Avoid routes that are too busy even if you have to leave home a few minutes earlier to take these routes. Leave early from home. This helps you avoid the need to drive at excessive speeds while driving. This will also help you adjust to detours or unexpected road diversions, without losing your cool.

Switch off your phone while driving. Talking on a cell phone can not only distract you, but could also increase stress levels.

Don’t react negatively to other motorists. If you find yourself driving around a motorist who is driving recklessly or honking excessively, avoid reacting in a similar manner. Allow him to pass if he needs to pass you.

Make sure you have enough fuel in your gas tank.  That blinking gas light can increase anxiety.

If you are a new driver, try to get more miles of driving under your belt. To gain more driving experience, drive on roads that typically have less traffic, or drive during less congested times. This will help you gain confidence to drive without feeling anxious.

If you find yourself getting anxious, try pulling over somewhere safe and do a few breathing exercises. Doing light meditation or box breathing exercises for two minutes before you start driving can also put you in a better frame of mind and help avoid stress.

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