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Motorcycle Rider Critically Injured in CowetaCounty Accident

A motorcyclist was seriously injured in an accident involving a passenger vehicle and his motorcycle on I-85 north of Coweta County.According to news reports, the motorcyclist collided with a four door sedan leaving the rider with critical injuries.

The accident occurred on a construction zone on I-85 where work to widen the highway is underway. We don’t know yet if that had an effect on the accident, but speed limits along the areas that are under construction have been lowered to 50mph. The highway has also been the scene of several such accidents in the past few months including a fiery tractor trailer accident earlier this year, in which one of the trucks burst into flames leaving the driver with burn injuries. That accident was one among several accidents involving tractor trailers, as well as passenger vehicles on interstate 85.

Construction work along several sections of I-85 are expected to continue for the rest of 2009, which means that driving conditions on the highway will continue to be congested. Authorities have made repeated appeals to motorists, truckers and motorcyclists to keep the ongoing congested conditions on the highway in mind while driving, and to slow down speeds. Unfortunately, according to officials, there are too many motorists and truckers who don’t seem to be heeding those pleas.

It’s not just motorcyclists and motorists who are at risk from these accidents. According to statistics, construction workers working on a highway are more likely to be killed than construction workers working elsewhere. When vehicles zip by a construction zone at excessive speeds, it creates dangerous conditions not just for motorists, but also for workers on a highway.

Slowing down during rush hour can seem like an inconvenience, but the more carefully people drive on I-85, the fewer delays and highway closures resulting from accidents like this one, and the quicker work can be completed.

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