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Four Dead in Lowndes County Car- Truck Accident

News coming in has confirmed a deadly truck accident this morning in Valdosta in Lowndes County. Apparently, four people have died in the accident that involved a car and a rental truck on I-75. The crash happened early this morning at about 2:30.

It’s a tragic start to the four-day long Georgia Highway Patrol crackdown that will last over the Fourth of July weekend. The crackdown begins at 6 pm today. Georgia Highway Patrol is expecting that there will be 22 fatalities in accidents over the weekend, which will end on July fifth. Law enforcement officers are gearing up for special anti drunk driving and speeding crackdowns to keep drunk drivers and dangerous speeders off the road. This will include special checkpoints around the state and additional patrolling.

The Fourth of July holiday sees the largest number of accident-related fatalities for a single day each year, and Georgia Highway Patrol, in spite of the crackdown, will be expecting no different this year. With the holiday traveling set to begin in full earnest on Thursday evening, Georgia car accident lawyers would encourage motorists to be careful out there.

  • Avoid drinking and driving
  • If you are out on our own and in no condition to drive, call for a cab or ask someone to drop you home
  • If you are out with friends, make sure you designate a sober driver for the evening. Some cities have designated driver facilities that allow you to call for a driver to drop you and your fellow revelers home.Use these.
  • Drive at posted speed limits or even slower, depending on the congested traffic conditions.
  • It helps to keep in mind that more people die in accidents on the Fourth of July than any other day of the year. Keep in mind that there will be several brash motorists who may be intoxicated, on drugs, or may be speeding to get to a party.
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