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Macon Police Investigating Series of Dog Bites

Macon Police Investigating Series of Dog Bites

Macon police have been investigating two separate dog bite incidents this week.

Both incidents occurred in South Macon. The first incident involved a man who was attacked by a pack of pit bulls. According to the man, he was walking along when the group of dogs attacked him with no provocation. Residents in the area were able to hear his cries for help, and respond. There is no information about the owner of the dog. By the time officers arrived at the scene, the dogs had disappeared, and officers were unable to trace them.

The second incident involved a seven-year-old girl who was bitten on the leg as she walked to her house. Fortunately for the girl, her mother and some children were at the scene, and they managed to help get the dog off her.

For a dog bite victim in Georgia, there’s more than physical pain and emotional trauma to deal with. Depending on the severity of the attack, victims may suffer from injuries ranging from wounds and lacerations, to torn flesh and mutilated organs. There may be severe facial injuries, and these may require reconstructive surgery. Victims they also need help for the emotional trauma they suffer during an attack. This is especially so in case of children who are bitten by a dog in a severe attack. Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after dog bites is not uncommon.

However, there may be more suffering for victims once they have managed to get the emergency medical attention they require. They will find that Georgia’s dog bite laws tilt towards the owner of the dog. In most states, dog owners can be held liable for injuries inflicted by their animals on others, even if it was the very first attack involving the dog, and even if the owner had no way to expect or anticipate an attack. In Georgia however, dog owners may get away if it was the dog’s very first attack, unless an Atlanta dog bite lawyer can show that the owner should have had sufficient knowledge of the animal’s tendencies toward an attack or if the owner is in violaton of a county leash law.

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