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Highway Work Zone Accidents Profiled This Week

The Department Of Transportation has announced its annual National Work Zone Awareness Week which will last from 19 April to 23 April.

Every year, the federal administration declares a special week dedicated to highway work zone safety.This year, there are expected to be several active highway repair and construction projects in Georgia. That means Atlantans and Georgians will enjoy better designed, well constructed and safer roadways. It also means that there will be several active work zones across Georgia, increasing the risk of accidents to both motorists as well as construction workers. It’s these accident risks that National Work Zone Awareness Week is attempting to minimize.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is also drawing attention to the fact that highway work zone accidents kill more motorists than construction workers. In 2005, there were 61 work zone fatalities in Georgia. These were deaths that were entirely preventable.

Most work zone accidents can be traced to speeding motorists, but there are other factors like drunk, distracted and negligent driving that can cause accidents. Look out for posted speed limits as you near a work zone. Slow down accordingly. Switch off your cell phone when you enter a work zone. Follow the same steps when you travel through a work zone at night.

It’s important to remember that it may be just another stretch of congested road for you, but for the construction workers, this is their workplace.

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