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Lack of Street Planning Exposes Atlanta Elders to Pedestrian Accidents, Injuries

Elderly pedestrians account for just 13% of the American population, but comprise 22% of all pedestrian accident deaths here.It doesn’t take an Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyerto understand that these pedestrians are simply at a higher risk of being fatally injured in accidents.However, the situation could get worse.As the nation’s baby boomers step into their mid-60s, transportation safety advocates expect these pedestrian safety problems to explode.

Not only are seniors living much longer, but they are also living healthier lives.A 65-year-old American today probably lives independently, and walks a lot for leisure for health.Unfortunately, these persons are likely walking on streets that have not been designed with their safest interests in mind.

Many of the streets were designed decades ago, when there were fewer numbers of pedestrians on the street, let alone elderly pedestrians.In those days, streets were designed for automobiles only.An elderly person is slower than most people for who our crosswalks were designed.That’s a fact of life, and street planning has not taken this into consideration.

However, with an increasing senior population, it has become necessary for us to rethink our street planning designs, to take elderly pedestrian safety concerns into account.The problem is being seen around the country, and in Atlanta, where we have a substantial elderly pedestrian population, we expect that this problem will get worse before it gets better.That is unless federal transportation agencies begin serious pedestrian safety initiatives for seniors.,0,2669866.story

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