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Labor Day Accident Fatalities Total 8

Holiday weekends typically see more numbers of accident- related fatalities, and this year’s Labor Day weekend was no exception. Across Georgia, there were a total of 2,231 traffic accidents over the holiday weekend. These accidents ended in 8 fatalities and 614 injuries. Currently, there is no breakdown available of the fatality rate by casual factors, like failure to wear seat belts, drunk driving etc.

Throughout the holiday period, Georgia State Patrol cracked down on drunk drivers, and stepped up checks on speeding drivers and seatbelt law enforcement. The drunk driving crackdown was called Operation Zero Tolerance, and targeted intoxicated motorists through sobriety checkpoints, and concentrated patrols. Also, there were education and awareness campaigns conducted around the state. Georgia police also participated in the "Hands Across the Borders" initative to partner with enforcement officers from neighboring states, to crack down on drunk driving. Across the country, most states had their own version of Labor Day enforcement, to keep drunk drivers and speeders off the road, and prevent accidents.

The days leading up to, and just after a major holiday, are some of the busiest times on the highways and also some of the most dangerous. Thanksgiving Day counts as the single deadliest day of the US calendar.More accident fatalities occur on this day than any other day. Typically, alcohol-heavy holidays like New Years Eve and St. Patrick’s Day tend to see higher numbers of alcohol-related car accidents.

Now that special enforcement patrols are off the road and the special sobriety checkpoints have been taken down, Georgia car accident lawyers would encourage motorists to continue to drive safely and buckle up.

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