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Another Gwinnett County Police Officer Involved in Car Accident

Last week, we reported on a Gwinnett County police officer who resigned after his involvement in a drunk driving accident. In a similar crash, another off-duty Gwinnett County cop caused a multi vehicle accident in DeKalb on Saturday.

The accident which occurred early Saturday morning involved a Ford Explorer, a Mazda and a Chevrolet van. The three vehicles were stopped at a signal light when off-duty officer Kevin Sipple struck the Ford truck. The impact sent the Ford spinning, hitting the two other vehicles. Sipple and the Ford driver suffered non-life threatening injuries, and were taken to the hospital.

Police say the accident could have been the result of a “medical issue,” but they have not disclosed the nature of the condition.

Can a Motorist’s Medical Condition can be a Factor in an Accident?

Sudden illnesses can occur any where, and they can be especially devastating when they occur behind the wheel. A person can suffer from a heart attack, lose consciousness, or go into diabetic shock while he is driving.He can suffer from a seizure, or respiratory difficulties.Illnesses can occur suddenly, shutting off the motorist’s ability to drive, and endangering his own life, as well as the safety of other motorists in the vicinity. The risk of an accident increases dramatically for someone who suffers from a sudden illness while driving.

Besides sudden illnesses, chronic medical conditions can also impact a person’s driving abilities. For instance, persons who suffer from arthritis may find it hard to perform simple driving tasks, like turning to check traffic, or swerving in an emergency. Driving safely can also depend heavily on a person’s hearing and vision abilities. Persons who are prone to fainting spells or giddiness may be at an increased risk of an automobile accident. Persons who suffer from stress, anxiety, nervousness or forgetfulness may also have their accident risk enhanced.

It’s important that motorists self police themselves.Persons who suffer from diabetes or heart disease, for instance, must make sure that they take their medications on time and regularly to avoid an emergency situation while they are driving.

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