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Four People Injured in Atlanta Drunk Driving Accident

Four people have been reported injured in a drunk driving accident in Atlanta on Saturday morning. According to the Atlanta Police Department, a motorist driving a minivan under the influence, caused the auto accident when she struck another car head-on at about 4.15 am. The accident caused a massive wreckage, leaving four people trapped in the car. Rescuers had to use the Jaws of Life to extricate the four people. The woman driving the minivan has been charged with driving under the influence and other charges.

Accidents like these cause Atlanta car accident attorneys to hope for in-car alcohol detection devices to be available in the market as quickly as possible. Last week saw the demonstration of an alcohol detection device prototype in Massachusetts. The demonstration, which was attended by the chiefs of the US Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was impressive. A woman, who had consumed two alcoholic beverages, was able to demonstrate how the device detected her blood-alcohol levels through the use of breath and touch sensors. These sensors were strategically positioned inside the car, in areas where a person is likely to place his hand, like on the steering wheel.The prototype is designed to shut the engine down, preventing the motorist from driving when his blood alcohol level scores above or at the .08 legally allowed limit.

There are no plans to make such devices mandatory in all vehicles, as we had blogged about earlier. However, if these devices are found to be successful in lowering drunk driving accident rates, insurance companies may offer lowered premiums to motorists who get these devices installed in their cars.

As this particular auto accident in Atlanta shows, drunk driving is a serious problem in our city, and we need new tools to fight this menace.

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