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Charges May Be Filed against Man Involved in Fatal Atlanta HERO Accident

Investigations into a fatal accident involving a HERO unit operator on an Atlanta interstate last week are still going on. Charges could be filed against the Loganville motorist who was driving the car that struck the operator. This auto accident is the type law enforcement officials constantly warn against. Auto accidents of these types occur in Atlanta and elsewhere when drivers fail to pay close attention to stranded motorists. It emphasizes the need for all motorists to slow their cars when approaching stranded vehicles.

The Highway Emergency Response Operator was responding to a stranded motorist on Interstate 85 when he was struck by another car. The victim, Spencer Pass had parked his truck just behind a Ranger in the Interstate 85 Emergency lane. Just then, a Ford F-450 truck pulling a trailer struck the HERO truck and the Ranger. It then hit the victim, who sustained fatal injuries. The driver of the Ranger was able to avoid injuries.

The Highway Emergency Response Operator program was started by the Georgia Department of Transportation in 1995. According to the Department of Transportation, this is the very first death involving a HERO operator since the program began operations. HERO operators respond to stranded motorists on Atlanta interstate highways. These motorists include drivers who have been involved in accidents, have run out of fuel, or have had a car breakdown on a busy highway.

This fatal accident has been a shock to Atlanta car accident attorneys and the Atlanta HERO operator community. The unit is still waiting for the results of the investigation. Unfortunately, for many HERO unit operators, this accident is further proof of the dangers of their job. A typical day for a HERO unit operator will involve working on a busy highway in close proximity to speeding vehicles. These operators are trained to work in dangerous conditions and to be alert all the time. However, this accident has shaken the powers-that-be at the program. There will soon be a review of the accident, and program managers will be looking at changes they can make to the system, including additional training, to prevent future accidents.

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