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Feds Propose Seatbelt Warning System for Rear Seat Passengers

The  federal administration is proposing a new seatbelt warning system that would apply to occupants of the back seat as well as the front seat passenger.  It is a move that could significantly help reduce the number of people killed in car accidents on America’s roads every year. It is important to keep in mind that persons in the rear seats are injured in car accidents, especially in rear-end accidents and T-bone accidents.

In  2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Acting Administrator, approximately 43,000 people were killed in car accidents and approximately 50% of them were not wearing seatbelts  at  the time of the auto accident.  Their chances of surviving the crash could have significantly improved had they been buckled in.  Unfortunately, the current law only    requires seat belt reminder systems for drivers, but has no such requirements for front seat passengers as well as occupants of the rear seat of the car.  These people are also at a very high risk of suffering  fatal  injuries in the event of an auto accident.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently issued a Proposed Rule which requires motor vehicles weighing up to 10,000 pounds to have seatbelt reminder systems for all passengers in the car, including front seat and backseat passengers.  The  requirement would require a visual alert that would go on for approximately 60 seconds and would alert the driver to the status of rear seatbelt usage.  It  would also require an audible alert that would alert the driver when a backseat passenger removes the seat belt while the vehicle is in operation. The rule would   also require an audio visual alert system for the right  front seat passenger  to buckle his seatbelt. Auto manufacturers would have the flexibility to decide how frequently and how loud the audible  reminder system should be.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is estimating that as many as 100 lives could be saved in car accidents every year once the rule goes into effect.  It  also expects that as many as 300 non -fatal personal injuries would be prevented every year as a result of the rule.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s proposed rule is part of the Department of Transportation’s  National Roadways Safety Strategy which aims to reduce the number of people being killed in car and auto accidents on our roadways through a number of measures, including  the promotion of safer cars and  safer motorists.  An  audio visual reminder system  would encourage motorists  to require all passengers in the car to wear seatbelts before driving, thereby  reducing their chances of personal injury in the event of an auto accident.

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