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Experts Call for ABS on All Motorcycles to Prevent Accidents

Calls for the United States to mandate automatic braking systems on all motorcycles in order to prevent accidents are growing louder.  This  country remains one of the very few developed nations that do not require this technology on all motorcycles.

The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is petitioning the federal government to mandate automated braking systems on all motorcycles in order to prevent accidents.  This  is the second time that the organization petitioned the federal government on this matter.  The first time was more than a decade ago, and since then, according to the organization, more than 27 nations, including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Brazil,  India and several members of the European Union, have mandated these technologies on all motorcycles.

Automatic braking technologies can help riders maintain control over the motorcycle even when they suddenly brake or brake on wet or slippery surfaces.  They  prevent the kind of motorcycle crashes that are often caused as a result of skidding.  These  are the kind of accidents that often result in the   rider falling off the motorcycle with possibly devastating consequences.  The  lack of ABS on a motorcycle is a significant factor in a large percentage of motorcycle accidents every year.

There is no doubt that automatic braking systems have become more popular and many manufacturers have been adding these technologies,  resulting in more than 59% of motorcycles being equipped with automatic braking systems as of this year.  That is a significant increase from the 20% of motorcycles that were equipped with this life saving technology in 2013.  However, it falls short of what experts are looking for —  100% of all motorcycles equipped with ABS technology.  It  is not  impossible to reach that number.  All  that remains is for the federal government to take action.

The  Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates that as many as 32% of all new motorcycles sold in the United States do not have ABS technology.  The organization says that in the 10 years since the first petition was filed, it has uncovered even more evidence that these systems are very beneficial in preventing accidents.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, accident rates involving a motorcycle with ABS are approximately 22% lower than motorcycles without ABS.

It is  time for the United States to take a leadership role when it comes to traffic safety.  We lag behind most developed and even some developing countries when it comes to keeping people safe on roads, especially vulnerable people like motorcyclists.

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