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Carrollton Wrongful Death Accident Trial Scheduled for February

The trial of a Carrollton man, who allegedly caused a fatalauto accident that killed a 16-year-old pedestrian, has been scheduled for February 7.

In October, John David Hickman was indicted in the wrongful death of 16-year-old Lawrence Ray Harrison.In June, Harrison and his friend, Thomas David Smallwood were pedestrians on the street when they were struck by an auto being driven by Hickman.Harrison received the brunt of the impact from the accident, while Smallwood was struck by the car’s rear view mirror.Harrison died of his injuries soon after.

Hickman allegedly fled the scene of the accident, but returned to the accident scene soon after.According to troopers who reported to the scene of the accident, he admitted that he had prescriptions for muscle relaxants and sleeping pills, but he denied driving under the influence of medications.

As if pedestrians were not already at risk from motorists driving under the influence of alcohol, distracted by their cell phones or speeding, they must also now contend with a new breed of motorists who may be driving under the influence of prescription medication, and may not even be aware of it.Most Americans, it is estimated, are on some kind of medication.Many are on more than one medication.Many of these drugs are new drugs whose side effects have not been fully explored.When you mix drugs that already have potent side effects like tiredness and fatigue, with other possibly potent drugs, the consequences can be serious enough to restrict your driving abilities.

In fact, law-enforcement agencies in Georgia and around the rest of the country have been concerned about the growing numbers of drivers they find disoriented, sleepy, and fatigued from the side effects of their medication.Consumers and their doctors need to become more involved about understanding the side effects of the medications they use, and determining driving schedules appropriately.

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