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Motorist in Deadly Georgia Easter Accident Sentenced to 36 Years in Prison

Motorist in Deadly Georgia Easter Accident Sentenced to 36 Years in Prison

The BMW driver, who was involved in a deadly car accident that killed a total of five people last Easter in Fulton County, has been sentenced to six years in prison.Aimee Michaels also received 14 years of probation, and has been ordered to surrender her driver’s license, and not to operate a motor vehicle.Her mother was sentenced to eight years for tampering with evidence and hindering her daughter’s arrest.

The accident occurred on April 12 last year.Michaels apparently lost control of the BMW she was driving, and struck a Mercedes.The impact of the accident sent the Mercedes crashing into a Volkswagen.The Mercedes burst into flames.All four occupants, including a couple, a nine-year-old girl and an infant boy were killed instantly in the crash.In the Volkswagen were a woman and her nine-year-old daughter.The daughter was killed in the crash.It was one of the deadliest crashes that Atlanta car accident lawyers had seen in recent times.

What brought on Michael’s serious sentence was the fact that she simply drove away from the scene, and got her car repaired.Her mother allegedly was an accomplice to this.Ultimately, police managed to trace the newly repaired BMW back to Michaels’ home, and she was arrested 10 days later.

At the end of the trial, there is little information about what exactly caused the BMW to crash into the Mercedes, triggering off this devastating multivehicle accident.There are still questions about what Michaels was doing at the time of the crash.Was she distracted?Had she been driving under the influence?

It’s the right time for us to urge motorists to drive at safe speeds, keep their attention focused on the road, and avoid driving under the influence.

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