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Brain Injury Caused by Car Accidents Could Result in Unique Form of Depression

Researchers  have known for a while that a brain injury can result in depression, but the kind of depression that a traumatic brain injury causes is different from other forms of depression. Traumatic brain injuries often arise out of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, or any other event that causes a significant impact to the head.

A  new study finds that the kind of depression that results after a brain injury may be different from   regular  depression with some unique symptoms.  In  fact, the researchers believe that  brain injury -related depression could possibly be its own distinct condition.  These  are important findings because they shed new light on the kind of consequences that a brain injury patient can suffer.

For years now, researchers have known that  depression can set in after a person has suffered a brain injury,  but there have been questions about whether the depression is a result of the injury itself or because of the trauma related to the car accident or incident that caused the personal injury.  The general consensus, however, is that the depression is caused by the personal injury.

A  person who has suffered brain injury has an 8 -times increased risk of suffering depression.  Some of the symptoms of this form of depression are fairly unique.  Traumatic  brain injury – related brain depression, in fact, is much more closely associated with symptoms like impaired  regulation  of emotional responses,  lower  concentration abilities  and focusing problems.  Depression  caused by a brain injury  could cause exaggerated symptoms of irritability or aggression,  while in more common forms of depression or general depression, the person may be more likely to experience symptoms like inability to experience pleasure.

The current treatment for  depression after a brain injury is the same as the treatment prescribed for those with a psychiatric diagnosis.  The researchers   say that typical clinical treatments for the treatment of depression, like anti- depressants, do not work as well for persons whose depression is related to a brain injury. Counselling sessions and talk therapy also do not work as well for persons whose depression is related to a traumatic brain injury.

These  are interesting findings, and more research is needed to understand just how the symptoms differ from other forms of depression, especially because these severely impact the ability of a person to completely recover after a brain injury.  The researchers  believe that more studies in the field are needed to understand what kind of treatments are the most suited to brain injury – related depression.

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