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BMW Driver in Fatal South Fulton Accident Arrested

Police in Fulton County arrested the driver of BMW that was involved in a fatal car accident on Easter Sunday. The car accident killed Robert and Delisia Carter, their nine-year-old daughter Kayla, and their two month old son. A six year old child in another car was also killed in the multi vehicle accident.

The Carters had been out for an Easter Sunday drive when a BMW crashed into their car, and then struck a Volkswagen. The Mercedes burst into flames, killing the family inside. The driver of the Volkswagen, Tracey Johnson sustained serious injuries in the accident. Her six-year-old daughter was also killed.

The BMW fled from the scene of the accident. Fulton police had been looking out for the driver since Sunday. This morning residents of Walden Park in south Fulton County woke up to find that one of their neighbors, 22-year-old Aimee Michael was the driver of the BMW involved in the tragic Easter crash.

Michael has been arrested and charged with 5 counts of homicide by vehicle, failure to maintain lane and causing serious injury by vehicle.

Delisia Carter was a popular inspirational speaker, whose life echoed the inspiring message she gave others. The product of an abusive childhood, Delisia survived a violent marriage to find happiness the second time round, when she married Robert. She had a daughter from her first marriage. The couple had recently become the parents of a baby boy in February. Those who knew her said she had finally found joy, and had never been happier.

All it took was a negligent driver on Easter Sunday for all that to come crumbling down.Meanwhile, Tracey Johnson is still recovering from the serious injuries she sustained in the car accident. Making recovery tougher for her will be the knowledge that her little girl did not survive the crash.

All it takes for a driver to make a potentially fatal error on the road is a distraction. It could be a quick text message on the phone, reaching to change the CD or open the wrapper on your snack. Driver distractions are responsible for close to 25%of accidents that occur in the country. While a minor distraction may not seem like such a big deal, Georgia personal injury lawyers who often see the consequences of such distractions, know better.

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