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Bicycle Accidents — Safety Programs Reviewed

Not everyone who begins biking takes part in a bicycle safety training program. It also doesn’t help that there are no valuable resources for novice or beginner bicyclists in Georgia. That’s why it’s good to see an online bicycle safety training program developed by a group of University of Georgia graduates for a bicycle advocacy group called Bike Athens.

The training program is available for free online, and consists of 36 slides, all containing bicycle safety instructions. There are interactive videos and quizzes designed to make the process fun. The program’s focus is on defensive driving tips for bicyclists, and includes modules on bicycle safety checks before you ride. This is something a lot of bicyclists, especially beginners, neglect to do. It’s important to know that your bicycle is primed and ready for a ride and that brakes and quick releases are all functioning properly.

Athens has a large concentration of bicyclists who will find this program useful, but a safety program like this is recommended not only for bikers in Athens, but elsewhere across Georgia. It’s not likely that experienced bicyclists, who have been biking for years, will find the safety modules interesting or useful. However, for novice and beginner bicyclists who very often get involved in accidents, the online safety program offers easy tips and helpful advice.

In fact as Atlanta bicycle accident lawyers, we would highly recommend that a program like this be made available to all novice bicyclists across Georgia. It should also made part of the curricula in schools. Currently, all bicyclists have to do is buy a pair of wheels, and they are set to go. This can be dangerous, because the streets out there are not exactly friendly to bicyclists. But bikers often realize this only after an accident.

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