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Young Males in Large, New Vehicles More Likely to Survive Accidents

Being male, driving a large vehicle, or driving a new vehicle –these were some of the factors that are common to people who survive serious accidents. That data comes from a study that was conducted at the Indiana University School of Public Health.
The researchers reviewed more than 1,100 head-on accidents, and found that people between the ages of 15 and 24 were involved in more head-on accidents than drivers in other age groups. The researchers were able to identify those factors that were common to people who survived serious accidents. They found that while people in the 15 to 24 age category were involved in approximately 21% of all head-on accident, they had a fatality rate that was just 39%. That was the lowest fatality rate among all the other age groups that were involved in head-on accidents.

In addition, younger male drivers seemed to have the lowest risk of dying in a head-on accident. Women were much more likely to die in head-on accidents, although it isn’t exactly clear why this is so. Besides gender, the size of vehicle also impacted a person’s fatality risk. For years now, Atlanta car accident lawyers have been aware that driving larger vehicles like SUVs or pickup trucks is linked to a much higher chance of surviving a serious collision.These cars provide much greater protection against fatal injury, and have higher crashworthiness.The study also found that driving a new vehicle, seatbelt use, and airbag deployment increased a person’s chances of surviving an accident.

Apart from these factors, there are several others that the best attorneys and injury experts understand.Cars must not only be new, but also come with proven safety features. Not all safety technologies are proven to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. Some systems, however, such as collision warning systems, electronic stability control, and adaptive headlights have a proven track record for helping reduce accident and injury risks.Studies have indicated that driving alone seems to be much safer than driving with passengers. This is especially more so in the case of younger or teenage drivers, who may easily be distracted by fellow passengers in the car.

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