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Young Adults More Likely to Suffer Serious Injuries in Accidents

It’s a fact that young adults and teenagers are at a much higher risk of accidents and injuries. Studies also indicate that this group of drivers is more likely to be injured severely in accidents.
A new study finds that young adults and teenagers are much more likely to suffer critical injuries that require them to be rushed to hospital emergency rooms after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Those findings came from a study of data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The study found that there were 4 million emergency room visits after accidents in 2010-2011. In fact, auto accidents accounted for approximately 10% of all emergency room visits across the country.

Age was a common factor in most of the persons who were rushed to ERs after being involved in an accident. For every 10,000 persons rushed to ERs for treatment after an accident, 286 persons were between the age of 16 and 24. Among persons above 65, the rate was just 65 for 10,000 persons, and in the case of persons below the age of 18, the rate was 70 for every 10,000 persons.

Apart from age, race is also another compelling factor that determines the likelihood of emergency room visits after an accident. The rate of ER visits seemed to be much higher among black people, compared to whites or Hispanics. Among black people, the rate was 260 per 10,000 persons, while in the case of Hispanics, the rate was 104 for every 10,000 persons and in the case of whites, and it was 119 for every 10,000 persons.

Most of the traffic safety precautions that work well for older adults also work for young adults. Always wear your seatbelts while driving to prevent the kind of serious injuries that require hospitalization. Seatbelt usage growth rates are extremely low among teenage drivers, especially where backseat passengers are concerned. Buckle up, and get everyone else in your car to buckle up too.

Avoid using cell phones while driving, and when buying a car, choose one that has many auto safety features. That includes some of the more important accident prevention systems like electronic stability control systems, forward collision warning systems, and side airbags. Side airbag systems help protect against injuries in side-impact accidents, which typically result in devastating injuries. Electronic stability control systems reduce the risk of a rollover that can also cause catastrophic injuries.

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