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Workplace Safety, Profits Increase after Federal Safety Inspections – Workers’ Compensation Claims Decline

When the Department of Labor and Industries makes a visit to a workplace, it leads to a dramatic increase not just in workplace safety standards, but also the company’s profits.

Researchers with the Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention program used inspection data and workers’ compensation claims.The data came from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, and involved claims between 1998 and 2008.The researchers were pleasantly surprised to find that inspections by the Department of Labor and Industries automatically translated into a substantial reduction in Workers Compensation injury claims.There was also a reduction in the costs of claims after these inspection visits.These results were no surprise to workers’ compensation lawyers who have longed advocated for more frequent safety inspections.

That’s not all.The researchers also found that the greatest decrease in workers’ Workers’ Compensation claims came after an inspection resulted in a citation.The researchers found that when the inspection resulted in citations for workplace safety, there was a reduction of as much as 20% in worker injury claims, compared to work sites that were not subjected to an inspection.What’s more, the reduction in worker injury claims resulting from inspections also enhanced the company’s bottom line.

When inspections were conducted at fixed-site businesses, it resulted in a 4.3% decline in injury claims, compared to those sites where such inspections were not conducted.When these inspections were conducted at non-fixed-site businesses like construction sites, there was a 3.1% decline in workers compensation claims.

From the study, any Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer would conclude that frequent inspections by the Department of Labor and Industries make a significant contribution to enhancing worker safety and reducing the number of Workers Compensation claims and all associated costs.

Under Georgia law’s, every employer that has three or more workers is required to purchase Workers’ Compensation coverage for employees.Any employee who is injured in a workplace accident is eligible to file a Workers’ Compensation claim.When the employer has Workers’ Compensation coverage, employees are not eligible to file a separate injury claim against the employer.

Injured Georgia workers may be eligible for medical benefits, and disability benefits.In the case of a fatal accident, survivors may be eligible for death benefits.Medical costs can include hospitalization fees, medication costs and even rehabilitation treatment.However, all medical care must be provided by a panel-approved doctor or provider.Workers may also be eligible for disability benefits, depending on the type of injury and the extent of disability.

Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim after you have been injured should be simple and convenient.Unfortunately, it, very often, isn’t.Employers often deny claims or delay paying out claims.In such cases, you may have the right to file an appeal with the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.However, the time to file a Workers’ Compensation claim appeal is within one year from the date of injury.

The Atlanta Workers’ Compensation lawyers at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers help workers who have been injured in a workplace accident recover compensation for their injuries.

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