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Workers Compensation Insurance Companies likely to fight Claims for Wii devices

The next big fight with workers compensation insurance companies is likely to be whether injured workers have the right to incorporate Wii Fit and Wii Resort into their physical therapy routines at home. Attorneys for injured workers need to be prepared for this next battle because the lawyers for the workers compensation insurers and employers are going to fight this issue at every step. OnSite Rehab Physical Therapy in Atlanta, Georgia has starting using Wii when providing injured workers rehabilitation. The Wii workouts are incorporated into the workers physical therapy routines. Therapists allow injured workers to use the Wii after the therapists finish their hands on treatment and the workers demonstrate appropriate knowledge of their home exercises. It is unlikely that workers compensation insurance carriers are going to purchase Wii devices for the homes of injured workers without a fight despite the recommendations of the physical therapists. That choice is probably penny wise, but dollar foolish.Injured workers who have used the Wii have shown significant improvement in their recovery. Therefore, the workers are likely to get back to work much quicker if they incorporate the Wii into their rehabilitation thereby providing workers compensation carriers substantial savings.

Jan W. Braunstein, the Owner of OnSite Rehab Physical Therapy, decided to incorporate large screen televisions into the company’s gym when they opened a new location. She understood that therapists in other parts of the country who incorporated Wii into the workout routine saw some positive results. She sees the Wii as an excellent way to motivate injured workers to perform their regular exercises. Ms. Braunstein points out that if more employees worked out regularly with Wii, they would likely strengthen their muscles resulting in a decrease in on-the-job injuries.

If you are an injured worker and believe that using Wii in your exercise routine would be helpful, you will likely need to prepare for a fight to get the device in your home. Workers compensation insurers and employers will be very weary of authorizing payment for the devices. To fight this battle as well as all the other battles that generally arise when you are trying to get the care you need to return to work, you should consider hiring a qualified workers compensation attorney. If you would like to have a free consultation regarding your workers compensation claim, click here to contact the law office of Robert N. Katz.

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