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Winter Driving Conditions Pose Treacherous Auto Accident Risks

It’s now the turn of Georgia, especially the metropolitan Atlanta area, to bear the force of a harsh winter that has amplified auto accident risks for motorists. The week began with a heavy snowstorm that left much of Atlanta covered with snow. Earlier this week, hoping to decrease the number of auto accidents, the Department Of Transportation urged all Atlanta motorists to stay at home. The warning also included large commercial truckers, who are likely to find these driving conditions even more hazardous. Of course, truck accidents pose a significant risk of injury and death. None of the major school districts took any chances, with classes called off in all the major school districts.

By Tuesday, transportation crews had been able to clear large interstates and highways, but the next morning, much of the snow was refrozen. Besides, even when the snow melts, it’s quite likely that the streets will continue to be treacherous. Thin ice will remain on the surface streets, especially on those roads that don’t see much traffic. In fact, you can expect the ice to remain until temperatures began to climb again. Meteorologists don’t expect temperatures to rise until this weekend.

The thin layer of ice on surface streets is a serious accident hazard. This layer is barely visible, and creates a super-slippery surface that can have everything from a passenger vehicle to a tractor-trailer careening out of control.

When you’re driving over the next couple of days, look out for slippery patches. Also, look out for vehicles slipping and sliding around you. The icy layers on surfaces can be deceptive and hard-to-spot, and can have your vehicle sliding out of control before you even know it. The best thing would be to avoid all non-essential travel, but Atlanta accident attorneys expect traffic to pick up from today on. That means not just hazardous driving conditions, but also more numbers of vehicles to avoid.

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