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Volvo Introduces Night Spray Paint to Make Bicycling Safer

Bicycling at night is a major accident risk. However, a new glow-in-the-dark spray paint that has been introduced by Volvo will help bicyclists stand out in the dark, and reduce their accident risks.
You don’t often see automakers coming up with products that are designed to help bicyclists and pedestrians, but Volvo appears to be the exception.In the past, it has come up with automobile design innovations to help reduce the risk to pedestrians and bicyclists. Now, the automaker has gone one step further, and introduced a new night spray paint designed to be sprayed not just on a bicycle, but all accessories. Simply spray the paint on the bicycle, on your bag, and your clothes. The paint is invisible, and cannot be seen in the daytime. However, during nighttime, and in the glare of car headlights, the paint begins to glow.

Seasoned bicyclists know that it’s important to be visible while riding at night. For years now, bicyclists in Atlanta have stuck reflective tape to their clothes, bag and bicycles to increase their visibility at night time. However, the spray-paint goes one step further than reflective tape by making bicyclists glow-in-the-dark and much harder to miss.

The paint contains special adhesives that glow in the dark when struck by car headlights.You can spray paint your clothes, shoes, backpacks and even your dog collar. This is a great paint for pedestrians to use when they are walking at night as well.

The company is currently giving the spray paint away at bicycle shops in the United Kingdom, but it’s not clear if or when it will be available in the US. It is important for cyclists to do as much as possible to increase their visibility at night.In fact, avoid bicycling at night as much as possible. If you must bicycle at night, stay attentive. If you have a helmet-mounted headlight, for instance, keep your gaze ahead, and focus the light on your path at all times.

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