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UPS Trucker Marks 3.5 Million Miles Without an Accident

UPS Trucker Marks 3.5 Million Miles without an Accident

AsAtlanta truck accident lawyers, we constantly come up against negligent truck drivers who have caused a deadly accident by their reckless or impaired driving. That’s why it gives us great happiness when we come across the likes of Ginny Odom.This 59-year-old UPS driver has completed 3.5 million miles and 35 years driven without a single accident.

According to Odom, her feat has been made possible by the training provided by UPS, and some amount of luck. She also says she makes it a point to start her day at 4 am before the highways get busy.

Odom’s modesty may be a sign of her humility, but as DeKalb County truck accident lawyers, we know that there is very little luck involved in avoiding truck accidents. Truckers have a huge role to play in avoiding crashes.

A trucker must make sure that a truck is well maintained and ready for the journey ahead, by conducting a pre-trip inspection every morning before setting off.

A truck driver must also avoid driving at excessive speeds.This includes driving within posted speeds limits for trucks, as well as taking into consideration weather and traffic conditions. For instance, a trucker must drive extra carefully during snow storms, heavy rains and strong winds. He must also drive carefully on extra-busy days, like the days leading up to a major holiday, when traffic is more congested than normal.

A truck driver must abstain from any kind of distractions while operating his rig.

It goes without saying that a truck driver must avoid driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A truck driver must avoid driving more number of hours than stipulated under the law.

As Atlanta truck accident lawyers, we often see that tractor trailer accidents are caused because of the negligence of a truck driver. Drivers like Jinni Odom provide an example worth emulating for all truckers, and prove that preventing accidents is often in the hands of the truck driver.

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