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Two Children Injured in Atlanta Car Accident

Two children were left seriously injured in a pedestrian accident in southwest Atlanta last week.The accident occurred near Donnelly Avenue, and involved a stolen car. As an Atlanta injury attorney, I have too often seen stolen vehicles involved in auto accidents involving serious injuries. We need to continue to work hard to reduce the number of vehicle thefts which in turn will reduce the number of these accidents.

According to Atlanta Police, a group of four young men seem to have stolen a Dodge Intrepid.The two children, aged seven and nine were walking on a sidewalk with their mother.The nine-year-old child suffered from cerebral palsy, and was in a wheelchair.The child was thrown out of the wheelchair when the car struck, and was slammed on the pavement.The younger child suffered a broken arm.The mother also suffered injuries.

According to several witnesses, the car had been traveling erratically down the road just before the accident.The four young men got out of the car and fled the scene of the accident.The police are still looking for these men as investigations continue.

The mother here did not do anything wrong.She and the children were walking on the sidewalk as they were supposed to.

In 2007, nonprofit group, Safe Kids Worldwide announced a decline in the number of children aged 14 and below being killed in pedestrian accidents over the past decade.According to Safe Kids, fatal pedestrian child fatalities fell by about 40% between 1995 and 2004.However, the group warned that much more needed to be done to encourage safe walking in children.

The First Lady has been trying to encourage walking in children to help reduce childhood obesity. I very much agree with her efforts and support them. However, as Atlanta pedestrian accident attorneys, we believe that any campaign to increase walking aimed at children, must come with a focus on creating a safe environment for children to walk in.

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