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Trucking Group Presents Annual Highway Safety Agenda

A recent highway safety agenda unveiled by the American Trucking Associations has 18 points that are sure to make Georgia truck accident attorneys every happy indeed.

The trucking group outlined the points on the agenda at a news conference at Capitol Hill.The program includes a set of comprehensive measures, including steps aimed at enhancing the performance of drivers, safer trucks and safer vehicles to prevent truck accidents.

The agenda includes:

  • Training drivers to minimize driver distractions
  • Implementation of stricter licensing testing standards for commercial truck drivers
  • Research into behaviors of individuals between 18 and 25 years to be used for a graduated commercial truck driver licensing system
  • Maximum speed limit of 65mph for all motor vehicles
  • More long term parking, as well as parking spaces in areas where there is a shortage of truck parking space
  • Seatbelt use promotion
  • Implementation of safety and awareness programs targeting passenger car drivers and truck drivers
  • Speed enforcement in high risk zones
  • Graduated drivers licensing for teen motorists
  • Support for anti drunk driving measures
  • Speed limiters on trucks of drivers convicted of driving offences
  • Speed limits on class 7 and 8 trucks manufactured after 1992
  • Better crashworthiness standards for new class 7 and 8 trucks
  • Effective communication between employers and states
  • National database of driver drug and alcohol test results
  • A national registry of certified medical examiners
  • Availability of a Driver Information Resource
  • Safety training classes for new motor carrier owners

We are extremely pleased with the points on the agenda, especially those that relate to drunk truck drivers, a national database for employers to access truckers’ drug and alcohol test results and awareness programs for both passenger vehicle drivers as well as commercial truckers. There is a definite need for making motorists aware of safe driving around tractor trailers. Too many truckers and motorists are killed in Georgia every year because of negligent driving by a motorist. However, we wish the agenda had made some mention of driver fatigue – which is an important factor in truck accidents – and looked at steps that could help minimize the risk of accidents from truckers who doze off at the wheel.

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