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Truck Rollovers Could Be Prevented with Electronic Stability Control

Mandatory Electronic Stability Control Systems Would Prevent Truck Rollover Accidents

Electronic stability control systems have been found to significantly reduce the risk of rollover accidents in passenger vehicles.These systems are mandatory on all new passenger vehicles, but have not yet been made mandatory in commercial trucks.According to researchers at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, if electronic stability control systems were made mandatory in all commercial trucks, it would reduce the risk of rollovers, and save approximately 106 lives a year.

Researchers estimate that approximately 3,500 rollover accidents involving commercial trucks could be prevented each year, if all trucks were equipped with stability control systems.These systems could prevent about 4,400 injuries every year.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is waiting for the results of a formal study into the benefits of having electronic stability control systems in all trucks, to make a decision about mandating these in all commercial trucks.

These stability control systems would greatly reduce the number of truck rollovers every year.Big rigs are at a high risk of rollovers, which can occur when the truck is making a turn, or when there is a shift of load.Tank trucks are at an even higher risk of rollover because of the liquid cargo, which can cause a shift of balance.According to preliminary NHTSA research, there are approximately 1,265 tanker truck rollover crashes in the US every year.

Equipping a truck with an electronic stability control system would add less than $1,000 to the cost.It would not only save truckers from serious injury when their truck flips over, but would also protect thousands of innocent motorists. However, trucking companies have been slow to adopt rollover prevention technology.

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