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Total Eclipse Could Mean Increase in Auto Accidents

An analysis of traffic data from the last total solar eclipse in 2017 predicts an increase in auto accident rates during the next eclipse expected on April 8.

Astronomers have predicted a total solar eclipse on April 8.  This  eclipse is likely to be similar to the Great American Eclipse of 2017.  According  to a new study,  the 2017 total solar eclipse was accompanied by an increase in the number of car accidents during the eclipse.  The  researchers  warn   that a similar surge in car accident numbers is to be expected during this eclipse as well.

Eclipses   are typically more likely to be associated with eye injuries than with car accidents.  However,  the researchers stress that it is not the reduced visibility during the eclipse that causes an increase in car accidents.  Rather, it is in the hours soon after the eclipse when people are traveling back home from the site of observation when accidents are more likely to occur.

Researchers   wanted to see whether the total solar eclipse and the accompanying traffic related to the eclipse were responsible for the increase in car accidents.  They  compared the number of car accidents from one week before and one week after  the total solar eclipse and found a 31% increase in the number of auto accidents during this time. According to their analysis, soon after the eclipse, there were 10.3 persons involved in fatal car accidents compared to 7.9  persons during the comparison period.  The  researchers say that the uptick in vehicular traffic during the  eclipse is equivalent to that seen during major national holidays like the Thanksgiving holiday weekend or the Fourth of July.

In 2017,  the   path  of the eclipse was only about 70 miles.  As  many as 20 million Americans traveled from their homes to various sites in order to witness the eclipse.  This  year, the eclipse is expected to last between 2.5 minutes to 4.5 minutes, and Americans are expected to again travel in large numbers to various sites in order to get the best view of the rare phenomenon.

If  you plan on traveling to a different town or city over the next few days in order to see the total solar eclipse expected on April 8, know that millions of  other Americans also have those very  same plans in mind.  Drive  at safe speeds limits, and absolutely limit your use of cell phones while driving.

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