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Top Five Summer Accident Risks

Summer is peak travel season in Atlanta, and also, unfortunately, one of the more accident – prone times of the year. Did you know that your accident risk spikes significantly over the next few weeks because of the following five factors?

Speeding is a major cause of accidents during summer. People travel more during summer, and unfortunately many of them underestimate travel times and leave their homes far too late to reach their destinations on time, which explains why so many drivers speeds on Atlanta streets during summer. Leave your home with plenty of time to reach your destination to avoid the need to rush and drive at high speeds.

Congested roads are a common scene during summer. You are sharing the roads with a greater number of motorists than during other times of the year, and this is something that you must factor in when you make your travel plans. Expect traffic jams and delays, and leave home with plenty of time to spare. With more vehicles on the road, the chances of an accident are exponentially greater.

It’s not just the number of drivers on the road that increase your risk of an accident during summer, but also the types of drivers that you are likely to see over the next few weeks. Teen motorists, for instance, are  some of the most inexperienced drivers on the road. They are off school during summer, and therefore, are much more likely to be out on the roads with friends. Teen drivers typically have a higher risk of being involved in accidents that can injure not just themselves, but also other motorists on the road. Not only are these drivers less experienced than adult motorists, but they are also likely to be driving with other teenage friends, who can be very distracting.

Summer is also when many families travel. Families with kids may find driving especially challenging, and some studies have indicated that distractions from young passengers in the car can almost equal the kind of distractions that come when you are using cell phones while driving.  If you are travelling with kids, ensure that your children have plenty to do in the car while you are driving, and will not be distracting you. If possible, schedule driving times according to your children’s sleep schedules so that they are resting when you are driving. Arrange to have puzzles, games and toys in the car so that they can occupy themselves and will not be a distraction.

The number of motorcyclists and bicyclists is also likely to be much higher during summer when the weather conditions make it ideal for these persons to be out enjoying their bicycles and motorcycles. Your risk of colliding with a motorcyclist or bicyclist is higher during the next few weeks.

Make sure to take all necessary driving precautions so that you and others around you can have a safe and enjoyable summer.

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