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Top 10 Dangerous Toys to Avoid This Holiday Season

From choking and suffocation hazards to burn risks, there are a number of ways that the toys on this year’s list of most dangerous toys of 2017 can harm your child.   The consumer watchdog group World against Toys Causing Harm has made the job gift giving easier by compiling a list of the most dangerous toys this season.  There have already been countless children injured in Georgia by these dangerous toys.  If you’re considering buying any of the following toys as gifts, you may want to reconsider.

According to World against Toys Causing Harm, as reported by Consumer Reports, the toys on this year’s list are dangerous for a number of reasons.

The Hallmark Itty Bitty Baby Stacking Toy-These toys can pose a serious choking hazard to children. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled these toys in August 2017, but parents can still access these toys online.

Wonder Woman Battle Action Sword– According to the consumer safety group, the plastic in this sword is sharp enough to cause serious facial injuries.

Pull along Polly– This toy has a long cord, which a child can possibly wrap around his neck posing a strangulation hazard.

Hand Fidgetz Spinners-This year there has been a lot of focus on the dangers of the very popular fidget spinners, especially when used by young children. There are a number of dangers involved with this toy. Some types of fidget spinners contain dangerously high levels of lead that can cause neurological and brain damage in young children. Other spinners are prone to overheating, causing burn injuries.

Spiderman Spider- Drone Official Movie Edition-The drone that is included with the toy comes with rotating motor blades which, if they strike a child, can cause serious injury.

Oval Xylophone – This toy comes with a 9.5 inch long handle which can pose a choking hazard to a young child who puts it inside his mouth. What’s even more dangerous is that this toy is marketed to children as young as 12 months old.

Brianna Baby Doll– This toy comes with detachable accessories and clothing that can pose a serious choking and swallowing hazard.

Slackers Slackline Classic Series Kit – This toy poses potential strangulation and fall risks.

Jetts Heel Wheels – These roller skate shoes include sparking hazards which can pose burn risks.

Zombie Strike Deadbolt Crossbow– This toy has the potential to cause facial injuries.

These are just some of the most dangerous toys that the consumer safety group has compiled on its list, but you should still use your judgment and common sense when choosing a gift to buy for a child. Buy only age-appropriate toys.  You should also consider including safety gear like helmets and protective gear when giving ride toys as gifts.  And always make sure that the toy you choose to give is not included on any recall list this year.

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