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Tips to Stay Safe in the Summer

The warm summer months are in full swing, and so are the numerous health and safety risks that are prevalent during this time. Both adults and children are exposed to the risks of being injured in auto accidents, dog bites, boating and swimming incidents, barbecue fires and other safety risks during the weeks of summer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has good advice for Americans to stay injury-free during the warm months of summer.

One of the biggest injury risks in the summer is being involved in a car accident.The months of June, July and August are considered the peak season for motor vehicle collisions, simply because there are more vehicles on the road. Add to this the fact that too many of these motorists will be in a hurry to arrive at their destination, or will have had some alcohol to drink prior to getting behind the wheel, it’s easy to see the dangers that exist.

Take into account that there are more drunk drivers and speeding drivers on the road.Try to keep the amount of traveling that you do at night to a minimum, and find less-traveled routes.Always wear your seatbelt, never drink and drive, and stay within the speed limit or a safe speed based on road conditions.If you’re going to drink at a summer party, stay the night or have a sober driver take you home.

Another major risk during summer is food poisoning. Food that has been kept out in warm Atlanta temperatures for just a few hours can begin to accumulate dangerous bacteria. Make sure that food is kept at the recommended heat while being served, and then refrigerated within an hour of cooling.Take extra precautions with hand safety and raw meat contamination, especially when you’re eating outdoors.

Summer means barbecues, and that also comes with a higher risk of grill fires, explosions and other accidents. Make sure your grilling equipment is in a proper working condition, and that there are no cracks in the lines that can pose a gas leak risk.

Your children are more likely to be involved in a dog bite incident over summer than other months of the year because there are more dogs being walked outdoors where children are playing.Teach children never to approach a strange dog, and always ask the owner if it is okay to pet an unknown animal.

Be a safe swimmer over the summer, and make sure that your children are safe too. Keep an eye on your children at all times when they are around pools, and become certified in CPR. Make sure that any swimming pool you own is protected at all times, and keep the gates to the pool latched at all times.If you are swimming or boating in open water, always have everyone wear life jackets.The great majority of lake accidents could be avoided if the victim simply had on a life preserver.

Have a great time this summer and be safe!

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