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Three People Killed in Truck-Ambulance Accident in Georgia

An out-of-control truck is being blamed for a deadly accident in Irwin County in South Georgia recently that killed three people.The accident killed two paramedics and a patient who was being transported to the hospital.
According to reports, the accident occurred on GA 32 in Irwin County when the tractor-trailer and the ambulance were traveling on the highway.The tractor-trailer jackknifed and the trailer collided with the ambulance in a deadly head-on collision that proved devastating for the occupants of the ambulance.

The Georgia State Patrol’s Special Crash Reconstruction Team has begun investigating the accident.No charges have been filed yet, and charges will be filed only after the completion of the investigation.

At this point in time, it seems fairly certain that this accident was caused because the tractor trailer went out of control in the middle of the highway.Jackknifing occurs when a tractor-trailer skids out of control.In such cases, the trailer swings out and into itself at a 90° angle.Keep in mind this is a massive trailer that poses a serious injury risk.The trailer can collide with other vehicles and motorcyclists, crushing them.

When trucks jackknife, they can also be at a much higher risk of flipping over, with devastating consequences not just for the occupants of the truck, but for other motorists in the vicinity.A truck that is flipping over can cause havoc, not to mention the spillage of toxic materials that can be expected if the truck is transporting hazardous or toxic substances at the time.

Very often, jackknifing is the result of sudden and inappropriate braking of the truck when the tractor-trailer is traveling at high speed, and the truck driver slams on the brakes.A tractor-trailer does not operate like a regular passenger car.These are large vehicles, and the tractor is dragging a trailer that can weigh tens of thousands of pounds.When a driver slams on the brakes, the events often lead to tragedy.

While not always the case, truck jackknifing is often traced to trucker error or poor driving skills. That is the reason why trucking companies are required to hire skilled, trained and experienced truck drivers.Truck drivers must be 100 percent attentive while driving, and take great care to minimize the risk of dangerous accidents.

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