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Three Injured in Street-Racing Accident in DeKalb County

At least three people have been injured in an accident apparently caused by two cars street racing in DeKalb County.

The two cars set off a chain reaction accident on Interstate 285 that involved several vehicles. At least three people had to be taken to the hospital for treatment of moderate injuries. The two persons who were racing fled the scene of the accident.

Accidents involving speeding racing cars can result in serious injuries or fatalities. It’s extremely fortunate that the three people here survived this crash.

It isn’t very hard to prove negligence when you have an accident caused by two cars racing on a public highway. However, this can depend on finding eyewitnesses who saw the two cars racing and other factors. The most important thing right now for investigators will be to locate the two absconding drivers. Locating hit-and-run drivers used to be an impossible task in the past. These were hopeless cases, and it was a rare success when police could trace the offending motorist. Investigators have gotten a little better at tracing hit-and-run motorists, but these cases still prove difficult to crack.

In the case here, an Atlanta injury lawyer will make finding the hit-and-run motorists responsible for the accident an important part of the case. There are also other options for compensation that you may have from your own insurer. Medical bills and lost wages may be covered by your insurer, even if the hit-and-run motorist cannot be located.

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