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Thirty-Five Truck Drivers from Georgia Honored for Safe Driving by UPS

Thirty five truck drivers from Georgia have been honored by UPS for their impeccable driving. The 35 have been admitted to the company’s “Circle of Honor.” The Georgia drivers are among 928 UPS drivers who have been admitted into the elite group this year.

The honor is given to those drivers who have completed 25 years of driving without accidents. Georgia’s safest UPS driver is Robert Millican Jr. of Flintstone, who has accumulated 40 years of driving without a single accident. Milliken Jr. is placed at 9th position among 102,000 UPS drivers.

The Circle of Honor is a UPS tradition that celebrates drivers who have completed a quarter century or more without accidents on their record. Out of a total of 2,436 UPS drivers in Georgia, there are now 197 drivers who are members of the Circle of Honor. These drivers have among them a total of 5,693 years of driving without an accident.

As Atlanta truck accident lawyers, our practice also includes helping injured truck drivers who have been involved in accidents. Suffice to say we come across hundreds of drivers every year. We have found most of them to be hard working people with a strong moral fiber and a desire to be safe and help others on the road reach home safely.

These truckers work in what is easily in one of the worst occupations in America. Long hours that begin at the crack of dawn, days away from family and loved ones, loneliness, strenuous loading and unloading, risks of dozing off from fatigue on endless highways, risk of developing obesity, hypertension, diabetes , cardiac disease, sleep apnea and a range of other disorder – a trucker’s life includes all these and more travails. That’s why it is so gratifying to know that so many of Georgia’s UPS drivers have been able to complete 25 years without a single truck accident on their record.To overcome all risk factors and maintain a blemish-free record is definitely worth our appreciation and our thanks!

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