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The Most At-Risk Groups for Slip and Fall Accidents

Children, the elderly and -surprisingly enough – young adults seem to be at the highest risk of being involved in slip and fall accidents on stairs. Among young adults, women seem to be at a higher risk of personal injuries in such accidents.

These findings come from a new study, and while the fact that young children and the elderly are at a greater risk of falling should not come as a surprise, the inclusion of young adults in their twenties definitely raises  eyebrows. According to the researchers, children below the age of 3 and elderly people above the age of 85 have the highest risk of suffering personal injuries in a fall on stairs.  However, young adults in their twenties also have a significantly higher risk of being involved in slip and fall accidents.

Among young adults in their twenties, young women seem to have a higher slip and fall risk compared to males.  The  researchers  analyzed  the results of the study to understand the reasons for the higher fall risks involving females.  They  believe that inappropriate footwear could probably be a reason why young women are more likely to fall down stairs compared to males. The researchers specifically identify  flip flops, sandals and heels as being inappropriate footwear that  increase the  risks of a fall down the stairs. They also believe that women are more likely to be walking with someone which means they are more likely to be talking and, therefore, distracted.

Actions that might contribute to a slip and fall include failure to use handrails  while walking down the stairs, failure to look down on the ground and failure to exercise caution. If you walk downstairs while looking at your mobile device or while snacking and drinking, you are more likely to suffer a fall. Skipping steps is another action that could possibly increase your risk of a slip and  fall on the steps.  The researchers found women were less likely to skip steps and were actually more likely to watch the stairs carefully while walking. However, they were less likely to use handrails while walking and also more likely to hold something in their hands while walking.

The researchers are also considering the role of other physiological differences in men and women that could contribute to greater slip and fall personal injury risks for women.  For instance, is the higher injury risk involving women possibly related to delayed reaction time? Is muscular strength a  factor in  determining the personal injuries of young  adults who fall downstairs may suffer?

The findings of the study are interesting and definitely warrant a closer look at why young adults slip and fall down stairs.  When young adults suffer these accidents,  there may be serious consequences and  can cause not just serious personal injury to the victims, but also make it difficult for them to  return to work soon,  causing financial distress as well.

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