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Technology Can help Protect Senior Drivers in Accidents

Cars have become more and more technologically advanced each new year.  While some drivers may find these new technologies difficult to navigate, learning how to use them may help prevent a serious accident and even a fatality.  Certain types of auto technologies may be especially beneficial in helping protect senior motorists and passengers from serious injuries in an accident.

Auto safety technology like lane departure warning systems and forward collision warning systems that are available on many of the latest automobiles have been proven to be very effective in helping reduce accident and injury rates. From side airbags and back view cameras to newer seat belt systems in your car, technology works to protect both motorists and passengers against the risk of serious injuries in an accident.

Auto safety technologies may be even more beneficial in protecting senior passengers and motorists. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, studies have shown that side airbags that offer not just frontal but also head and torso protection may be even more beneficial in older drivers and passengers than younger drivers. The risk of an accident-related fatality for front seat passengers above the age of 70 dropped by 45 percent, compared to a rate of 30 percent for younger drivers, indicating that older passengers and motorists may especially benefit from these systems.

Front crash prevention systems and lane departure warning systems are also proven to be more effective in preventing injury and fatality rates involving older occupants. The systems help protect motorists and passengers of all ages, but older passengers may especially benefit from a lane departure system that sounds an alert when the motorist is in danger of drifting from his lane. A departure from the lane is sometimes an indicator of drowsy driving, a risk that older seniors may face as a result of the medications that they are on at their age. Similarly, back view cameras that help a motorist check if the area behind the car is safe and free of pedestrians or children before he backs out, could also benefit older persons even more. Rear parking sensors are also very effective in helping older drivers avoid accidents.

Other studies have also found that senior drivers do not struggle with using the technologies that their cars now come with. In fact, most seniors report that they are comfortable with, and find, technologies like rear parking sensors very beneficial.

If your loved one is above 65 years of age, consider buying a car that has additional safety features like front collision warning systems and lane departure warning systems. Safety tech is a good investment in your loved one’s safety and can help older people stay mobile, independent and safe.

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