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Once a teenager obtains his or her driver’s license, many a parent has spent many nights worrying about their teen’s safe driving.  For parents of teens diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), this can be especially true.

Teenagers are already grappling with controlling their emotions, judgment, concentration and actions, which already places them in a high-risk category for accidents.  However, for a teen with ADHD, impulse control and focusing on a task, such as driving, is even more difficult.  Many teens with ADHD also struggle with being easily distracted which can make putting such a driver behind the wheel can be that more dangerous.

A new study has found that teenagers who have ADHD have a higher risk of being in a car accident than teenagers without the diagnosis.  While teens with ADHD seem to delay getting their license by six months after being eligible, once they do get their license, they have a 36 percent higher risk of being in a car accident as compared to teens without ADHD who have recently obtained their license.  These statistics were seen in both male and female teens.