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Survey Finds Americans Want More Traffic Safety Laws to Prevent Car Accidents

A new survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety indicates that Americans would rather have more government interference in matters of traffic safety to prevent auto accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Of course, these accidents often result in serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths. According to the survey, 62% of Americans want more traffic safety laws to reduce poor driving behaviors and minimize accident risks.What’s more, 57% of respondents wanted their individual states to get more involved in making the roads safer.This is an indication to Atlanta car accident attorneys that there is plenty of support for recent moves in Georgia to enact mandatory seatbelt laws for all, and ban texting while driving for all motorists.

According to the survey, 70% of Americans feel that traffic safety laws should be strictly enforced.There’s a lesson here for Atlanta and throughout Georgia which has recently banned texting while driving – laws can be meaningless unless these are enforced and violators penalized sufficiently.

Additionally, the survey also indicates that there is plenty of support for tough teen driver licensing standards.86% of the respondents believe that new drivers should be required to complete a driver’s education course before they are allowed a driver’s license.American motorists also want to see automakers invest in technologies that will help prevent accidents and keep motorists safe.60% of the respondents wanted automakers to do more to make their vehicles safer.

There are really no surprises in this survey for Atlanta car accident lawyers.One of the factors contributing to the declining rate of traffic accident deaths in Georgia has been strict state and local action against devastating driving behaviors, like drunk driving and distracted driving.Several states around the country, including Georgia, have passed laws aimed at keeping intoxicated motorists off the street.Newer laws prohibit drivers from texting while driving, and in some states, using hand-held cell phones while driving.More government action in the form of enacting new laws and enforcing current safety laws can help reduce accidents and keep people safer.

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